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Posted by lxd123456 
February 12, 2019 06:53AM
HONG KONG Authentic Ryan Anderson Jersey , April 28 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong should install more water dispensers with high quality water in prominent locations to help reduce bottled water consumption and plastic waste, a local think tank Civic Exchange said here on Tuesday.

According to a survey released by Civic Exchange, over half of respondents usually drink bottled water, and 16 percent of them are heavy consumers Authentic Preston Smith Jersey , as "convenience" is the main consideration in drinking water choice.

The survey also showed 91 percent of consumers usually bought bottles of less than 1L in volume, which are usually intended for immediate personal consumption but more wasteful of plastic than bulk household purchase of larger bottles.

"Bottled water is in theory an unnecessary and avoidable source of plastic waste as potable water is easily available from the municipal water supply," Civic Exchange's CEO Yan-yan Yip said.

According to the survey, only 26 percent of respondents used a public water dispenser in the last six months. However Authentic Brandon Scherff Jersey , 46 percent respondents expressed their willingness to use water dispensers if they were widely available and provided water of similar quality to bottled water.

Yip said water dispensers need to become competitive with bottled water in terms of distribution and accessibility, in order to encourage the public to reduce bottled water consumption.

While water dispensers are mostly found in sports and recreation venues, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, private sector and public bodies should proactively consider providing more water dispensers in other convenient locations Authentic Montae Nicholson Jersey , Yip said.

To reduce people's reluctance to use water dispensers, good water quality and hygiene of water dispensers should be ensured, Yip said, adding that adopting transparent approaches by making maintenance schedules and water quality test results available to the public could be considered.

Publicity campaigns and partnership with water filtration companies would also help to build public goodwill and inspire people's confidence Authentic Jonathan Allen Jersey , she said.

The survey on Hong Kong residents' consumption habits and perceptions regarding bottled water and plastic waste was conducted in August, 2014, with 1,013 respondents interviewed through random household telephone calls.

Five reasons why this is the #1 Muslim swimwear on the market!

There are a number of Islamic swimsuit choices available for modest ladies. It wasn鈥檛 that long ago Authentic Troy Apke Jersey , that this was a significant gap in the market. A number of providers have since introduced a viable swimwear that addresses this need of Muslim ladies.

After assessing the choices in the market, it is apparent that the Alsharifa swimwear from Bahiya Collections is top in the market. Here are some reasons why:

(1) It is RELAXING to swim in
The swimwear allows you to move well in the water without it hindering you and making you feel uncomfortable. The swimwear is made from water resistant material which minimizes the swimsuit from becoming excessively soaked and slowing you down in the water. There are also chords that connect the tunic to the pants, inhibitingaverting the swimsuit from floating up while swimming. This makes sure that you can swim without conceding your modesty.

(2) It is LOOSELY-FITTED, not close-fitting
There are several swimwear on the market that are skin-tight Authentic Geron Christian Jersey , markedly on the legs where the form is quite discernible. Some swimwear are close-fitted near the chest part as well. Our benchmark of modesty from an Islamic point of view is that the swimwear should be loosely-fitted. The Alsharifa swimsuit is neither close-fit nor very baggy.

The top length extends from the mid-thigh and knees (depending on your height). For even more modest exposure, the Riviera style has a lengthier tunic.

(3) The design is the most ATTRACTIVE
This is a TWO-item swimwear that is uncomplicated and easy to be dressed in. There are no zippers or buttons, that can get caught or loose after repeated use. This swimwear comes in complimentary colour variations, and devoid of any additional logos or insignia.

The tapered design of the arms and pants furthermore makes it easier to swim in Authentic Derrius Guice Jersey , as it minimizes splattering. With other swimwear that have lengthier material, it brings about unwarranted splattering.

The latest line of the swimsuit include buckles on the tunic to comfortably fasten it to the pants. This convenience comes in is practical if a trip to the restroom is required. There are also chords on the bottom of the pants which can be fine-tuned to firm up or slacken the distance across of the pant-bottom (Riviera model).

This swimsuit is constructed from a mix of polyester and spandex with a bit of material to reduce water absorbency. Alternative swimsuits absorb water, causing the swimwear to stick to your body and drag you downwards when you get out of the water. With the Alsharifa swimsuit, water absorbency is minimized.

A water-repellent test was done assessing the Alsharifa swimsuit to the competition. The test found convincingly Authentic Da'Ron Payne Jersey , that water was far less water-absorbant with the Alsharifa swim suit!

(5) Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
Customers have submitted rave evaluations of the Alsharifa swimsuit. In our study into a lot of the other swimwear options out there, the measure of customer satisfaction wasn鈥檛 that celebrated. In fact, several customers we鈥檝e reached out to ultimately ceased using those alternative swimwear.

At Bahiya Collections our purpose is to offer Muslim women with modest apparel that is fashionable, casual and unique. We believe that dressing modestly should not prevent you from being fashionable.

Faith and fashion can work great together when done right. Our unique feature of sourcing our clothing from reputable Muslim designers helps us to achieve thi. Wholesale Custom Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys Online Wholesale College Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale College Baseball Jerseys
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