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Hi, I`m Anne Pryce and I live in Paisley a small town a few miles west of Glasgow which is in central Scotland.


A little bit about me…


When I was about 12 years old I must have seen or heard something about family trees and I was fascinated.

My imagination was immediately piqued. I wanted to create my own family tree. I got a piece of wallpaper and a pencil and with the wallpaper stretched out lengthwise I wrote my name on the bottom edge and the names of my siblings. Then I put my parents` names above and went to them both and asked everything they knew by way of the names of their siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and if they could go back further. Between them and my childish scrawl it wasn`t too bad for an afternoons curiosity.


Many years later I remain fascinated. What was even more intriguing where the things they didn`t know. Mum said her dad was the only child of an only child and she knew nothing else. One of her grandfathers had married three times. She herself was one of eleven and I only knew five of them – some died as babies. Dad wanted to get to bottom of a story of someone who died in the second world war and who was `Fyfe the knitter` that he`d heard stories of when he was growing up?


I started my family history 17 years ago and that piece of wallpaper would be really handy! I`ve answered these and a lot of other questions over the last 17 years since I started researching my family history and I`ve done work for a number of other peoples family trees too.


I usually describe my ancestors as `salt of the earth types`. I have a lot of coalminers and agricultural labourers and some weavers and many other occupations. Most of them struggled and there`s a few that spent time in the poorhouse. Good news, from a research point of view, because poor law records often have lot of detail if they`re available.


And what about you? Did some of your ancestors come from Scotland? Got anyone famous in your tree or where they salt of the earth types? Did they live in towns or countryside? I want to help you find out. Perhaps you have done a lot of work on your tree already and need some help with a Scottish brick wall. I want to help you solve your mysteries or to get you to a starting place to carry on with searching for yourself.


Preliminary Search

Preliminary search to assess if enough information available to merit further investigatory searches.

£10 for 30 mins

General Hourly Charge

Cost of photocopies of documentation as per Mitchell Library charges - 50p per page.

£22 per hour


Paymentis required on completion. An estimate of costs could be discussed at point of order.

Payment Methods


Dependant upon difficulties a typical search along one ancestral line eg paternal would be...

£150  approx.

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Did your family emigrate from Scotland?

Did you know?

In the 2009 US Community Census Survey, 6.85 million Americans self-identified as having solely Scottish ancestry. 27.5 million Americans reported Scottish ancestry either alone, or in combination with another nationality.

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Interesting Fact.

The British government did not bother to document emigrants leaving its shores until the Passenger Act of 1803. Even after that, the records were very incomplete. This makes for a real challenge on locating relatives.

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Did you know that thousands went to ‘the New World’. It is estimated that 15,000 emigrated to British North America (before Canada was established) between 1700-1815. Many more emigrated in the years after 1815.